Grand Cigar Edition 2018 Günter Liska und Diana Millet Fotocredit Thomas KlvanaABOUT US


With Grand Cigar, the organizer Art of Life has succeeded in creating an extraordinary gala event that represents an absolute highlight for cigar aficionados. Due to the selection of a perfect location and the support of exclusive partners, we have succeeded in creating a wonderful evening marked by cigars and joy.

The Art of Life team consists of the managing director, Günter Liska, and the project manager, Diana Millet. Additionally, the Art and Business Circle was formed to combine a common vision of business, art and pleasure. A cigar club that offers the opportunity to enjoy a good cigar in the company of other aficionados in a pleasant atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the one hand while indulging in art exhibitions on the other. 

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